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About WaterBear Cycles Trading


WaterBear Cycles Trading was established in Wilmington, Delaware in 2002. It began as a hobby selling used bicycles for friends & local cyclists. WaterBear is owned and operated by a top level mechanic with over 20 years experience in the bicycle industry. We are a family owned business and offer a very personal buying and selling experience. My wife and I have shared our passion for the sport with many cycling enthusiasts and have played a role in keeping thousands of cyclists happily riding and racing over the years. WaterBear Cycles is operated with honesty, integrity and the highest standards available in today's growing cycling market. Attempting to find a niche in the cycling industry was a difficult task considering we love all aspects of the market and most importantly all aspects of the sport. We understand that it is not always easy to come up with the funds to purchase the latest and most up to date bicycles and cycling equipment. This is where WaterBear Cycles Trading can assist to help you sell your old bicycle or sell your old bicycle components. We offer a simple online tool designed for bicycle owners and retailers to sell previously owned bicycles and bicycle components for cash or on consignment. We also buy left over dealer inventory and overstock. We look forward to the opportunity to assist with any of your cycling needs.

History of the Company Name

A WaterBear is a tiny microscopic living organisms that is found around the world residing in many common areas such as our own back yards. The WaterBear is the world's most resilient living organism. It can withstand the test of time and natures harshest climates. One example is that it can be dried up for over 500 years and come back to life with only a single drop of water. The WaterBear stands as a symbol of strength and resilience for our company.

Sale your used bicycle

Bicycle Packing & Shipping Services

We professionally pack and ship your bicycle to any where in the world.

All bicycles shipped are fully insured

Ship your bicycle to your next Race, Residence, or Vacation Spot

Bicycle box for rent

Hardcase Bicycle Box Rental

Includes hard plastic internally padded wheeled case with carrying straps and locks

$45.00 Per week - not including packing and shipping fee. Shipping fee will vary per location.

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Bicycle box for sale

Cardboard Bicycle Box

Heavy duty bicycle specific cardboad box with carrying handles. Packed and secured with bicycle specific protective foam and packing accesories

$8.00 per box - not including packing and shipping fees. Shipping fee will vary per location.

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Consignment Fee

1. WaterBear Cycles Trading Fees for Consigning Products

Bicycles & Bicycle Components Selling Price Fees (*)
Bicycles from $700 to $1,000 -$165.00
from $1,000.01 to $2,000.00 -$195.00
from $2,000.01 to $3,000 -$250.00
from $3,000.01 to $4,000.00 -$350.00
from $4,000.01 to $5,000.00 - $400.00
over $5,000 -Flat Rate 9% of selling price
Frames from $600 to $1,500 -$150.00
over $1,500 -Flat Rate 10% of selling price
Wheel Sets under $200 -30%
from $201 to $500.00 -$75.00
from $501 to $1,000.00 -$145.00
over $1000.00 -$200.00
Suspension Forks $75.00
Misc Parts 30%

(*): Minus Listing, eBay and PayPal Fees

Note: Additional cleaning and repair fees pre sale may also be charged.

2. Flat rate listing fee to create the listings

3. eBay and PayPal Fees

A small percentage for eBay final value fee and PayPal fee also come out of the total the item sold for. This percentage is based on $ amount the item sold for. eBay and PayPal Fees can be viewed on the eBay and PayPal Websites (Some items may sell out side of eBay or be picked up locally. In these cases eBay and PayPal fees may not be charged

Please keep in mind that WaterBear Cycles Trading fees include:
Estimating and Researching the Value of the item(s) Photographing the item(s), Typing up the listing, Listing the item(s) online, Tracking the auctions during the time the item(s) are listed, Answering emails and phone calls to potential buyer, Packing the item(s) for shipping, Using shipping materials, Driving the item(s) to the shipping location and Following up with buyers and leaving online Feedback once the transaction is completed.
Item(s) pick up charges may apply if pick up is requested by consignor.

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